Our aim at The Plugs Clothing is to create high-end urban fashion at a fair price – without compromising on quality, materials, craftsmanship or creativity.  We keep costs down by cutting out the middlemen, offering our collections without all the wholesale and retail markups along the way, and passing the savings on directly to you.  We personally print all of our designs in-house.  We release our collections in limited runs and we do not do reprints. We only release new items here on our website.

The Capsules and Collaborations
Every month or so we offer limited-edition Capsules we design or Collaborations we create with other artists. These capsule collections are inspired by our friends and travels and are only made in limited-editions. When they sell out, they are gone. Get it while the stove is hot

The Pop-Ups
From time to time, you may see TPC Pop-Up Shop pop in some of the coolest and hottest places in the U.S.  We create these capsule collections exclusively for these events only and these styles are never sold on our website.

The Classics
There are some pieces of which we simply never tire.  These are our bestsellers – our wardrobe workhorses – and while we may change up the colors or fabrics, but these styles are always available in our online shop in some shape or form.